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東 利紀
Changes in gait parameters in patients undergoing high tibial osteotomy
二谷 彩
Effect of femoral nerve injury on articular cartilage damage in mice with knee osteoarthritis
川合 弘晃
The study on factors affecting QOL of users of community-based rehabilitation resources
越崎 弘朗
The study on effectiveness of gait training using body weight supported walker for stroke hemiplegic patients
豊岡 功
地域在住脳卒中者への歩行速度別プログラムの効果 -活動量・範囲に与える影響について-
The effects of programs by walking speed on community-dwelling stroke patients -Impact on activity volume and life space-


淺野 慶祐
投球動作中の投球側肘関節の高さと胸郭運動の運動学的関連性 -学童期野球選手と高校生野球選手における検討-
The kinematic relationship between throwing elbow joint height and thoracic movement during throwing motion in elementary school and high school baseball players
横田 裕司
回復期脳卒中患者の ADL 経過の標準化に関する研究 -予測式と残差を用いた層別化による ADL 経過分析-
Study on standardization of ADL course in convalescent stroke patients -ADL progress analysis by stratification using prediction formula and residual-
秋山 陽子
The need and reality for low back pain prevention education at care workertraining schools and care workers' awareness about low back pain prevention -A questionnaire survey of teachers at care worker training schools and care workers-
本間 文子
The effect of hip joint range of motion to the knee joint range of motion before and after total knee arthroplasty
吉田 友稀乃
回復期リハビリテーション病棟および地域包括ケア病棟における認知症を有する患者に対するリハビリテーションと作業療法の現状と課題 -東海・北信越地域におけるアンケート調査-
Convalescent rehabilitation ward and for patients with dementia in community wardsStatus and issues of rehabilitation and occupational therapy -Questionnaire survey in Tokai and Hokushinetsu areas-


中川 拓哉
Histological Effects of Cryotherapy on Articular Cartilage After Joint Contracture in the Rat Knee Joint Contracture Model
大泉 真一
二重課題歩行におけるtoe clearance最小値の変動性と認知機能との関連性
The relationship between variability of minimum toe clearance during walking under dual-task condition and cognitive function in community dwelling elderly


高間 達也
Differences in the evaluation of medical institutions and driving schools in motor vehicle driving for brain-injury patients


坂井 登志高
The Study of Influencing Effects for Motor Learning between Motor Image and Motor Observation in Different Conditions-Validation of Health Adults versus Stroke Patients-
藤川 諒也
The Study on Gait Cyclic Peculiarity of Stroke Hemiplegic Persons Utilizing Accelerometer and Its Clinical Usefulness
津田 浩史
The Study on Effectiveness of Walking Exercise which Utilized Continuous Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation along Physiotherapy for Stroke Hemiplegic Patients
山田 晋平
The Study on Factors of Dweling Stroke Patients Influencing Physical Activities and Life-Space in Community